Chef's Shoppe

Chef's Shoppe
2320 Troy Road
Schnuck's Plaza, Near Target
Edwardsville, IL 62025


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You will smell the coffee the second you enter our door. Our coffee is always ground fresh and you can purchase by the pound, half pound, or quarter pound. Our gourmet coffee is sure to please.

 Our best selling coffee is our Chef’s Shoppe Blend; a delicious blend of Kenya, hazelnut, and vanilla makes it worth waking up in the morning.

Unflavored Coffees


Aztec Harvest
Organic Coffee from Mexico, naturally produced on a small farm without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.
Holiday Magic 
(Regular & Decaf)
A blend of beans from Central and South America, offering bright complexity which finishes with a smooth sweetness.
Rich and tangy coffee that 
offers a soothing and 
invigorating experience. The
 ultimate espresso experience.

Grown by local farmers high in 
the Colombian Mountains.
This coffee features a strong 
aroma and rich, well- balanced flavor.

Italian Roast
A combination of Central
 and South American
beans with winey African beans
dark roasted to give
smooth and toasty taste.
(Regular & Decaf)
Full- bodied with fruity and 
earthy undertones. Sumatra 
offers an intense flavor
 with light acidity and a rich aroma

Flavored Coffees


Caramel Kiss 
(Regular & Decaf)
Arabica coffee flavored with the creamy, toasty butter, rich flavor of caramel.

Hazelnut Crème (Organic)
Flavorful French vanilla creme and hazelnut flavored Arabica beans, naturally produced without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.
Chocolate Raspberry
Rich and creamy chocolate 
combine with tangy taste of
 vine-ripened raspberries

Chef’s Shoppe Blend

(Regular & Decaf)
Unique blend of Kenya which
 offers a medium body snappy
flavor with a winey
 acidity with vanilla and hazelnut
Highlander Grogg
(Regular & Decaf)
Buttery flavor of fresh dairy
cream with the warmth of aged
Irish whiskey and a touch of spice
Golden Pecan 
(Regular & Decaf)
Chunks of buttery Southern 
pecans mixed into this buttery roast
Christmas Cookie 
(Regular & Decaf)
Special blend of cinnamon, nuts,
and vanilla with just the right
amount of cream
Jamaican Me Crazy 
(Regular & Decaf)
Roasted beans infused with the rich
 and sweet essence of dark tropical rum
Tahitian Vanilla  
(Regular & Decaf)
Ultimate creamy vanilla
 flavor from the Polynesian islands

Crème Brulee

Regular & Decaf)
Arabica coffee infused with
creamy, caramelized double
vanilla custard
(Regular & Decaf)
Spicy cinnamon and hazelnut
create this smooth finish coffee
 89'er Blend
Unique combination of chocolate
 fudge, Irish creme, hazelnut, and amaretto.
 Fudge Brownie
Arabica beans roasted and flavored
just like Mom's homemade brownies.