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Our Team

Day in and day out, it’s our team that has made Chef’s Shoppe what it is for over twenty years. This awesome group of kind, hard-working, passionate professionals is truly the heart of our business. Associates have a great knowledge and enthusiasm for cooking and each brings their own flavor and talents to the table, working together to bring you the very best shopping experience possible. They love to cook, experiment and play in the kitchen but when asked what their favorite part of working at the Shoppe is, everyone mentions their love for their co-workers, all of our customers and our community.

At Chef’s Shoppe, we truly are family and look forward to sharing our love for food and fun with you and yours!


Lisa M - General Manager

Lisa M – General Manager

Lisa is our beloved shoppe manager! She is a reader, traveler, wine enthusiast, disco fan, and a retired competitive gymnast. How she manages to do it all so well we are still trying to figure out! Lisa loves her Cherry 7.25 quart Le Creuset Dutch oven and all of her “awesome co-workers”.

Debbie – Assistant Manager

Debbie is one of the newest members to the shoppe. She enjoys meeting all of the new customers at the shoppe, working outside in her flowers and riding her bike. She loves the Le Creuset Dutch oven for baking bread!

Lynn – Team Supervisor

Lynn has been working at the shoppe for six years! Previously, she practiced law for twenty years. Now she enjoys cooking using her 13” All-Clad stainless steel French skillet to try out new recipes and divulge those recipe successes and failures to her co-workers. She’s always up for making recommendations on new recipes to try!

Lisa C. - Team Supervisor

Lisa C. – Team Supervisor

Lisa has been with the shoppe since 2016. When she’s not leading the team as a supervisor, she’s probably living the lake-life with her family, out on the water stand-up paddle boarding, or has her hands in the dirt out in her yard. From helping customers find their favorite flavor of fudge, to checking in all the new gadgets when they arrive each day, Lisa loves everything about working at Chef’s Shoppe, especially her team. 



Sam – Team Supervisor

Sam is currently a student, she also volunteers at Partners for Pets in her spare time. She rather enjoys watching cheesy films and drinking cold brew coffee from the Primula cold brew coffee maker she got from the shoppe!





Kenna – Team Supervisor

Clearly, our Team Supervisor, Kenna, loves being a dog mom. She has two miniature Dachshunds at home that help her relax after a long day of working hard at the Shoppe while also studying and attending school as a full-time student at SIUE. She’s quite the artist and you’ll most likely recognize those bright eyes and big personality from some of our fun videos.



Bethany - Kitchenware Buyer

Bethany – Kitchenware Buyer

Bethany assists as the store buyer for the shoppe. When she isn’t keeping the shoppe stocked with amazing products and goodies she enjoys reading and watching Netflix. A unknown fact about Bethany is that she knows how many people in Greek mythology fell victim to a discus to the head. Bethany loves the large Emile Henry lasagna pan to make her mom’s coveted lasagna recipe.
TJ - Production Manager & Head POPologist

TJ – Production Manager & Head POPologist

TJ is the shoppe’s Popcorn Master! When he isn’t coming up with new popcorn flavors or being the shoppe’s resident handyman he enjoys fishing, camping, and tending to his fresh water fish aquarium. TJ is also a Big Green Egg enthusiast. He can whip up a home cooked meal for any girl in no time.
Chef Bob - Shoppe Mascot

Chef Bob – Shoppe Mascot

What can we say about Chef Bob? He’s been with us since the very beginning, leading the team with his knowledge of all things culinary (you can tell by his big belly), and keeping his watchful eye over the shoppe day in and day out. He’s the first one to greet you as you enter the shoppe. Bob is our most solid team member and reminds us all to give our customers “Our Very Best” each and every day. 


Rolla has been with the shoppe since Nancy and Scott have owned it, in 2006. She loves to bake and often brings in goodies for the whole staff to try, which we LOVE! Her favorite item is the Swiss Diamond cookware!


Sacha is a student at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville. She enjoys reading, lifting weights, and discussing Quantum Physics…sometimes you can even catch her singing opera while filling your Popcorn orders! Her favorite item in the Shoppe is our Kyocera 12” fry pan because of its incredible non-stick surface. 


 You’ll probably notice Lana’s bright and friendly personality when you’re in the shop. She’s been at the shoppe since 2016 and just loves the candy wall! When Lana isn’t helping customers find just the right cooking tool or sample fudge, she enjoys tutoring, creating wearable works of art with beads and reading (in as many as 5 languages). 


Nicki can be found every week at the shoppe making fresh fudge. When she isn’t here coming up with new flavors of fudge she enjoys spending time with her kids and watching The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock films. Her favorite item is the Wellness Mat because it keeps her feet comfy while she is doing dishes and cooking.


 When Lou isn’t singing or telling his “Dad Jokes”, this semi-retired family man makes sure the shoppe’s shipping and receiving is running smoothly so our customers can explore our thousands of new items. When new inventory arrives from Lodge Cast Iron (his favorite brand in the shoppe) it’s like being a kid at Christmas for Lou!


Becky has been with the shoppe since 2011. When Becky is not at the shoppe working, she spends her time as a full-time high school teacher. She is quite knowledgeable on classic literature, traveling three of the seven continents, and cooking. Becky enjoys using the USA Pan bakeware to make goodies for her co-workers.


Autumn is currently a student at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville. When she isn’t in class or working at the shoppe she enjoys watching Blues Hockey and taking pictures of her cat. She fears biscuits in a can and her favorite item is the Orca cooler cup because it keeps her coffee “super hot” and her chocolate milk “super cold”.

Linda B. – Popcorn Production

We’ve been lucky to have Linda’s years of experience in food production as part of our Popcorn Production Team since the 2017 Holiday season. When she isn’t lovingly coating our small-batch Gourmet Popcorn with chocolate or cheese, you can find her trap shooting, training her dogs, or enjoying time with her children and family. Linda loves just about everything at the Shoppe, so don’t even ask her what her favorite is.


 Since 2015, Dallas has been providing our customers personal service with her genuine smile and often a few laughs. She loves to make their day a little better by the time they leave the shoppe, and it shows. Dallas makes it through her days as a Radiology student with the help of her favorite Chef’s Shoppe item, the Cold Brew Coffee Maker! When she’s not working with our team, she’s spending time with her family or out on the farm.


Katelyn has been part of the Chef’s Shoppe Team for a few years now and if you have a question about any gadget, gourmet food or gift, Katelyn is your girl! She loves cooking and knows her way around the shoppe, so be sure to ask her for help finding exactly what you need! She always goes the extra mile with a smile.


Janet has been helping you find exactly what you need at the Shoppe since 2017. From Popcorn to Coffee, Candy or Gadgets, she knows her way around, but the Big Green Egg is her favorite thing to share with customers. She and her family spend lots of time trying out yummy new recipes on her very own Egg at home. And although she claims she doesn’t have any hidden talents, we think she’s pretty great!


One of our newest sales associates, Lindsay, joined the team in 2017, and she’s all smiles when sharing her favorite Gourmet Foods from Chef’s Shoppe with customers. She loves the great section of brands and the huge variety of flavors of dip mixes, marinades and, all of the free tastings! When she isn’t working, she loves painting, working around the yard, reading or spending time supporting her parents.


We’re lucky to have this talented “Cheesecake Queen” making some of our delicious Fudge here at Chef’s Shoppe. Amy  loves baking at home with her family and if you’re lucky, she might let you taste what she’s cooking up in her favorite product, the Staub Coq Au Vin!